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Listen to music on your smartphone in a car(One-touch connection)
By connecting your smartphone or Walkmanr® to your car audio via Bluetooth, you can enjoy listening to the music on your smartphone or Walkman in your car as well.
For smartphones and Walkman that support NFC, you can connect to your car audio easily with one touch.(One-touch connection)
Simply connect your smartphone with your speaker using NFC.
Have the N mark of each device touch each other to simply connect the devices.
In order to use the NFC function, you must enable the NFC settings in advance.

What's required
  • Smartphone, tablet or WALKMAN® with NFC function
  • Car Audio with NFC function

* NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology enabling short-range wireless communication between various devices, such as mobile phones and IC tags. Thanks to the NFC function, data communication can be achieved easily just by touching the relevant symbol or designated location on NFC compatible devices.

If your smartphone does not support NFC, pairing can be done manually to allow wireless listening.

For information regarding car audio installation and connection, please refer to the product manual.
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How to use
Make BLUETOOTH connection with the audio device, press “SOURCE” or “SRC” of the car audio to select [BT AUDIO], and operate the audio device to start playback.

Playing a BLUETOOTH Device
You can play contents on a connected device that supports BLUETOOTH A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile).

1. Make BLUETOOTH connection with the audio device (Settings).
2. Press “SOURCE” or “SRC” of the car audio to select [BT AUDIO].
3. Operate the audio device to start playback.
4. Adjust the volume on the unit.

  • Depending on the audio device, information such as title, track number/time and playback status may not be displayed on the unit.
  • Even if the source is changed on the unit, playback of the audio device does not stop.
  • [BT AUDIO] does not appear in the display while running the “App Remote” application via the BLUETOOTH function.
Compatible devices