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Control home audio devices with your smartphone
Using the Music Center app, you can easily control Sony wireless audio devices using your smartphone . Using a Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi connection, you can browse music content and configure settings on your audio device.
Install Music Center on your mobile device and connect your mobile device and audio device using Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi.

Whats required
  • Compatible Sony audio device
  • Mobile device

Easy connection using NFC
  • Compatible Sony audio device with NFC function
  • Mobile device with NFC function


For details, check here.
How to use
Display the app menu (Drawer) and select the audio device to control.

1. Select the audio device
1-1. Display the menu (Drawer) by swiping the screen from left to right or by tapping the top-left menu icon.
1-2. In "Device select", select the audio device.
Compatible devices
For support information of Music Center, please see below.