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Learn about the cast of a TV program
Video & TV SideView is an app that makes your TV life more convenient.
By looking at the "Information" of TV programs in Video & TV SideView, you can find the contents and casting information of the program.
If there is a particular personality you are interested about, you can easily find other TV programs that the personality is starring in and other relevant information on the Internet.
Video & TV SideView needs to be installed on a smartphone.

Whats required
  • Smartphone / Tablet
  • Latest version of Video & TV SideView app


For details, check here.
How to use
If you select a TV program from "Top picks" or "My program search", information about the TV program will display.

If you scroll down in "Information", you can see information on the cast.
Tap the search mark next to the corresponding personality to find related information on the personality.
Compatible devices
Please see the official website of Video & TV SideView for compatible devices.
Compatible devices (Official website of Video & TV SideView)
For support information of Video & TV SideView, please see the official website of Video & TV SideView.
Help (Video & TV SideView Official site)