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Find TV programs of your preference
Video & TV SideView is an app that makes your TV life more convenient.
In the "Top picks" feature of Video & TV SideView, you can easily find popular and recommended TV programs. In "My program search", you can easily find related TV programs and videos by adding your favorite keywords. You may end up finding an interesting show that you may not have thought about!
Video & TV SideView needs to be installed on a smartphone.

Whats required
  • Smartphone / Tablet
  • Latest version of Video & TV SideView app


For details, check here.
How to use
Using the "Top picks" and "My program search" features, you can find programs that meet your taste.

Finding TV programs using "Top picks".
1. Select "Top picks" from the Video & TV SideView menu.
2. In the "Top picks" screen, you can scroll down to find the program list in the "Tonight’s highlights, "Recommend for you", "Popular on air" and other categories.

Finding TV programs using "My program search"
1. Select "My program search" from the Video & TV SideView menu.
2. Tap [+ Add keyword] to add a favorite keyword.
TV programs and videos which contain the keyword(s) can be easily found.
・You can add up to 10 keywords.
・If multiple keywords are added, swipe the screen to the left/right to switch between keywords.
・To edit keywords, tap the edit icon. You can add, change the order of, or delete keywords.
Compatible devices
Please see the official website of Video & TV SideView for compatible devices.
Compatible devices (Official website of Video & TV SideView)
For support information of Video & TV SideView, please see the official website of Video & TV SideView.
Help (Video & TV SideView Official site)