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One-touch function
The "One-touch" function is a unique feature of Sony that uses NFC technology.
By using/combining a device that supports Sony's One-touch function, complicated connection settings do not have to be configured and connections between devices can be achieved with one-touch.
NFC (Near Field Communication) stands for near-field wireless communication technology between devices that are within around 10 cm.
One-touch mirroring
 One-touch mirroring is a function that allows a supported mobile device (Xperia™ smartphone, etc.) to be used as a one-touch remote control or touchpad remote control to enable Screen mirroring. With this function, Screen mirroring can be easily enabled with one-touch.

> One-touch listening
 One-touch listening is a function that allows music on your mobile device to be connected/played back on your speakers, high quality wireless headphones and other equipment at home in one-touch using NFC.
 >For details, please see here.

> One-touch sharing
 With one easy touch, you can transfer photos and videos between NFC-compatible devices such as Sony cameras, smartphones and tablets.
 >For details, please see here.

> One-touch connection
 By connecting your smartphone or Walkman® to your car audio via Bluetooth, you can enjoy listening to the music on your smartphone or Walkman in your car as well.
 For smartphones and Walkman that support NFC, you can connect to your car audio easily with one touch.
 >For details, please see here.