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SONY VLOG CHALLENGE 2020Winners have been selected



Sony Vlog Challenge 2022 winners have been selected!

Results are now in for the Sony Vlog Challenge 2022!
Thank you to the vloggers from all over the world who entered their content.
We were blown away by the creativity and originality on show in the winning entries—take a look.

The grand winner



Power of Good

Small acts of kindness can have a big impact.

Show us how one good action can create a ripple effect that touches many people’s lives.

Maybe you helped a neighbour who was moving. Maybe you helped the community by cleaning a park. Perhaps you tried a zero-waste day or vegan diet.

Whatever it is, vlog and tell your story to show one act of good creating a positive impact.

Take the Sony Vlog Challenge and share the power of good.

Sony Vlog Challenge 2022動画を視聴する



Follow the official Instagram account

Shoot video based on the theme and upload it on YouTube商品商品

Add #SonyVlogChallenge2022 to the title of video along with your country/region of residence (ex. "Welcome to my VLOG! #SonyVlogChallenge2022 France") 商品商品

Add your Instagram ID in the description of video
Winners will be contacted via direct message on InstagramTerms and conditions商品商品

The grand winner

ZV-E10L, SEL1018, GP-VPT2BT, SF-M128, Vacation trip


ZV-E10L, SEL1018, GP-VPT2BT, SF-M128

Winner Prize


Five winners will be selected from Europe. The grand winner will receive an interchangeable-lens vlog camera ZV-E10 set and win a vacation trip for two persons. Four other winners will receive an interchangeable-lens vlog camera ZV-E10 set. Please see terms and conditions for details.


  1. 01.Sidney Diongzon

    Twitter Instagram YouTube tiktok facebook
  2. 02.Karlie Place

    Instagram YouTube tiktok
  3. 03.Ashley Mangin

    YouTube tiktok
  4. 04.Hopscotch The Globe

    Twitter Instagram YouTube facebook
  5. 05.Cesar Borgaro

    Instagram tiktok facebook
  6. 06.Ryoya Takashima

    Instagram YouTube
  7. 07.Ayane

    Twitter Instagram YouTube tiktok
  8. 08.EMUSTA

    Twitter Instagram YouTube
  9. 09.Gamsongfilm

    Instagram YouTube
  10. 10.Jorden Tually

    Instagram YouTube tiktok
  11. 11.Qianli Zhang

    Instagram YouTube bilibili
  12. 12.Haiyin Lin

    Instagram YouTube tiktok weibo bilibili
  13. 13.JAN

    YouTube tiktok weibo bilibili
  14. 14.Lawrence

    Instagram YouTube tiktok weibo bilibili
  15. 15.Jackie Alice

    Instagram YouTube Pinterest
  16. 16.Burcu Cakmak

    Instagram YouTube
  17. 17.Simla Canpolat

    Instagram YouTube
  18. 18.Gizem Güven

    Instagram YouTube
  19. 19.Léa

    Instagram YouTube
  20. 20.Enrique Álex

    Twitter Instagram YouTube
  21. 21.Holly Gabrielle

    Instagram YouTube


In 2020, we launched our ZV-1 vlog camera, which was developed based on input from vloggers all over the world. Then, in 2021, we pushed the possibilities of vlogging even further with the interchangeable-lens vlog camera ZV-E10. In developing these cameras, we were guided by a firm belief in the creativity of vloggers, and we have made it our mission to support that creativity. We want to help vloggers fulfil their expressive potential—that's where the Sony Vlog Challenge comes in.



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