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Yasuhiro Okada Photo Exhibition Stoikheia

“All our cognition begins with the senses.”

A point is born from numbers, a line from a number of points, a 2-dimensional figure from a series of lines, a spatial figure from stacked planes, and a perceivable object from that.

This geometrical train of thought runs through my work.
Knowledge and experience are acquired as one ages, forms memories and repeatedly searches for things. I feel this repetitious process is the “visualization experience” I go through in creating an image. I compose collages by adding analog and digital elements to the picture plane until developing a 2-dimensional image in three dimensions and eventually as an object in space. Because this creative process is based on experience rather than a fixed conception of something I have seen, I am turning perceivable objects I have experienced into works.

My childhood memories have served me in this process. For example, I imagined the deep dark, endless blue world I saw before me after diving into the sea. Or, I imagined the world beyond the stars and the moon I saw when gazing up at the sky on a beach at night.

My experiences help me to juxtapose and interpolate the seabed with the universe, the micro with the macro, what I want to see with what I think. While photographs are both evidence and reproductions of what I have seen, my experiences guide me in composing the things I want to see.

I have long sought a meaning to my experiences in my work and will continue to do so to make sense out of my existence.

Yasuhiro Okada Profile

Born in Hyogo Prefecture. Graduated in photography from the Fine Arts Department at Osaka University of Arts.


Selected for 9th 1 Wall Exhibition
Prize for Excellence, New Cosmos of Photography
Judge’s Award, Tokyo Frontline Photo Award 2016


Group exhibitions

Award Winners Exhibition of the New Cosmos of Photography Competition (Hillside Forum)
New Visions #3 (G/P Gallery Shinonome)
3Days Exhibition (Sezon Art Gallery)

Yasuhiro Okada Website