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Kyusyu Sangyo University Graduate School of Fine Arts Photo Exhibition On The Road

This exhibition presents works by four students who major in Plastic Expression in the Graduate School of Fine Arts at Kyushu Sangyo University. These works focus on "nature", "things man-made" and "change". Though the COVID-19 pandemic has altered plans, hopes and dreams that people had for the future, it has not stopped these students from observing and exploring the world around them.

Here, you will see how Rouqi Li who, while venturing along rivers in search of nature's surprises, has developed an interest for the people whom he encounters along the way. There is also Jia Shichao who, alarmed by the mountains in his hometown being leveled to make way for housing and industry, has quietly captured mankind's invasion of his hinterland. And, you will be introduced to Yifeng Chen who has segmented the urban landscape into layers of speed and density that he visually perceived in cities undergoing non-stop transformation. Lastly, there is Zeng Xiangyu who has overlapped present-day Manchurian landscapes with images taken from 1932 - 1945 to highlight the historical transformation and the changes in how those who live and work there perceive their world.

This exhibition is an opportunity for everyone to look just as much at oneself as at the world and people around you.

Explanation of works

Scene of the Gallery

Jia Shichao (賈 世超)

Born in Shandong, China in 1994.
Graduated from Sichuan University of Media and Communications in 2017.
I am always looking for detail. The subtle changes I perceive in a landscape move the boundary between emotion and reason. I want to continue to express the world around me poetically and lyrically.

Zeng Xiangyu (曾 翔宇)

Born in Liaoning, China in 1990.
Graduated from Dalian Medical University in 2013.
Formerly known as Manchuria, the land where I was born has a unique cultural and historical background. Now, I can only see what the people in the past dreamed. The remaining buildings are historical evidence, and I am researching the photographic history of Manchuria through its architectural legacies, social backdrops and ways that people live.

Yifeng Chen (陳 翌鋒)

Born in Shanghai, China in 1996.
Graduated from Shanghai University of Engineering Science in 2018.
Shanghai, for me, is not just my hometown but also a utopia. I want to document the entire city in photographs. I have photographed it all, both the good and the bad. I think of photography as the way for connecting with the world.

Ruoqi Li (李 若琦)

Born in Shandong, China in 1996.
I focus my attention on the interplay between the natural environment and human activity in my own particular way. I often go for walks along rivers, contemplating the riverside landscape and my thoughts. Since 2019, I have wandered along the winding coastlines of Fukuoka, producing works of the landscapes and lifestyles I saw. I am currently exploring realistic expression in landscape photography.