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Special Photo Exhibition by Sony Imaging Gallery My Friends - The Stories of Photographers and their Beloveds

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed our lives, making it difficult for us to meet people easily. We must shut ourselves in and refrain from meeting people; these days have been going on for a long time.

Given these circumstances, family members, cohabitants and creatures like pets were important to support and heal each other. Therefore, I wanted to hold a photo exhibition where I could express my gratitude for such an important existence. The Beloveds of the photographers who were sympathetic to my plan were wide-ranging, including dogs, cats, birds and fish. We will exhibit these photos together with the thoughts and statements of the photographers.

[Exhibitors] (Order of the kana syllabary)

Hideyuki Abe、Tomomichi Ito、Ryo Ohwada、Atsushi Okuyama、Tamaki Ozaki、Reina Kanamori、Kazunori Kawada、KYON.J、Tomizo Sakaida、Hiroshi Shikano、Asako Shimizu、Nanae Sugimoto、Noboru Sonehara、Toru Takamura、Ikuko Tsurumaki、Takehiko Nakafuji、Ikuo Nakamura、Hitomi Nishigaki、Yoshimi Harada、Noriko Yamaguchi、Tsuneo Yamashita、Erika Yoshino、A;Yoshimura、Wakako jet、Tatsuo Watanabe