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Koki Shinoda Photo Exhibition Where the Wild Penguins Live

If you like penguins, you should read this.
With their cute waddling gait and the flappy way they plant their flippers when they walk, it’s easy to understand why penguins are treated like idols at zoos and aquariums.

But, how much do we really know about this adorable bird that prefers swimming to flying?

Well, everybody thinks of penguins as living in the snow and ice, but only four species of penguin inhabit the South Pole, while some 15 other species are found in various locations across the southern hemisphere. There are penguins that form colonies on beaches, penguins that dig holes for their nests and other penguins that are known for running fast. You should know that a penguin spends its day fleeing from birds and animals of prey, standing one’s ground against them and finding a symbiotic way to coexist with them.

I photographed four species of penguin on the Falkland Islands, the de facto gateway to the South Pole. They had different personalities from one another. For example, the King Penguin remains completely natural in front of the camera, as it tends to go about its business without taking any interest in humans whatsoever, whereas the more timid Magellanic Penguin scurries back to its bunker-like nest when you point your camera at it. Then, there is the aggressive Rockhopper Penguin that often threatened me and the curious energetic Gentoo Penguin that even dared to approach me in some instances.

These works capture the identifying personalities and traits of these penguins seen in the way they act, the white beaches and grasslands where they live and how they vie and coexist with other birds and animals. They not only portray penguins as the cute birds they are but also show them for who they are.

Preview Video (In Japanese)

Gallery Talk and Explanation of Works (In Japanese)

Koki Shinoda Profile

Born in Tokyo in 1990. Graduated from the Faculty of Law at Keio University. After working for a US accounting consulting firm, embarked on a path of wildlife photography. Has been active as a professional photographer since 2017. Spends about half of the year abroad. Focuses on capturing the expression of the wild animals and their habitats in Africa, Asia, Subantarctic and other locations around the world.

Career Highlights

Nature’s Best Photography Award, Smithsonian Institute, USA
“Pride of Lions” Solo Exhibition, Canon Gallery Ginza, Tokyo
Capa Magazine, November Issue, Gravure Printing Exposé
Honorable Mention, Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3)