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mumuko Photo Exhibition 「and now...


curator Yuka Asano

2020 turned a lot of things into the void.
Not even concepts and values could escape.

Yet, we live on,
live on making something out of the voids.

Feast ourselves with the nutrition of the voids,
until we're fulfilled.

Lightly, swim in the wind.

Whistling, dance like the dust.


artist mumuko

I grew some vegetables from my photographs,
thinking we could share some salad together.
I nurtured the photos and veggies.

But, the politicians are telling us not to sit down and eat together.
There must be a way for us to enjoy it together.
So I decided to auction off all the photos, all starting from ¥2,021.
This way the door is open to everyone.
Take your favorite photos home,
and enjoy a conversation with me through the photos.

The veggies, are for viewing only.
The photos, you can take home.

A now-or-never kind of exhibition.

From Sony Imaging Gallery

* For this Photo Exhibition we will hold a silent auction for her works. There will be a box you can place a bit.
* After the close of the exhibition, mumuko will contact the winning bidders.

mumuko Profile

Decided to pursue art as a career out of the urge to express herself that gradually seized her while working for a film production company, a job which brought her a lot of artist-friends. As a seasoned traveler, has visited over 50 countries and continues to wander the globe searching for ways to express mankind’s coexistence with Mother Nature and the many animals, plants and other creatures that inhabit the planet, not just through photography but other media as well.


Grand Prix, 2nd Canon SHINES Photo Awards (Selected by Kanayo Egawa and Yasushi Kawamoto)
Judges’ Encouragement Award, 21st 1-WALL Photo Contest (Selected by Kimi Himeno)
Best Photo, Photography Category, EWAAC (London)


“Role & Me” Solo Exhibition, IWEI Art Museum, China
“Under Siege”, New York Times Square, USA
“Surviving”, National Museum of Ethnology/Beijing, China (30 works in the permanent collection)

Yuka Asano

Went to work for a film production company out of college, where she was engaged mainly in producing commercial films for TV. Is currently involved in several films and graphics as a producer. Began pursuing “new” directions as a producer that explore modes of expression outside of film and graphics about 10 years ago. Wants to continue along that path with even greater commitment and find ways to more productively collaborate with creators that will strike a chord with the general public and offer “something” given the situation the world is in because of COVID-19.