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Tokyo Polytechnic University
“Department of Photography Special” Award 2021 Exhibition

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for attending the “Department of Photography Special” Award 2021 exhibition.

The “Department of Photography Special” is an event where all students enrolled in the Department of Photography, Faculty of Arts at Tokyo Polytechnic University are eligible to receive accolades for their outstanding achievements based on work completed during the current academic year.

Facing the challenges due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, we managed to continue our students’ education by shifting all of our lectures to online classes, and by offering shortened on-campus seminars to accommodate the students on a rotating schedule. In light of the state of emergency and the request for self-isolation, students had to go through social situations where they found themselves unable to produce the work as they intended. Nevertheless, our students would not give in to such a headwind and devoted themselves to their studies and creative endeavors while complying with society’s rules. The 38 nominated students adhered to all of the precautions for infection control at the campus exhibition and presented their works and concepts in an on-demand format.

We invited the distinguished photographers, Taishi Hirokawa and Ryo Ohwada and printing director, Mitsuhiro Matsudaira, to judge this year’s exhibition. The judges, consisting of those invited judges and the teaching staff of the Department of Photography, examined exhibited works on campus during their assigned time slot. We devised a special scheme to hold the event on Saturday, February 6th, through a combination of online and offline formats, so that the judges could interactively communicate with the nominated students, give them reviews, and select each award winner including the Grand Prix winner. The teaching staff participated from the campus exhibition area while the invited judges and students were able to have remote access to the process from either their homes or offices.

This exhibition highlights the work of all the award winners, and concurrently runs a slideshow to present all the exhibited works in the “Department of Photography Special 2021,” and all of the graduation projects completed during the current academic year.

To our all guests, we sincerely hope you will enjoy the exhibition and we encourage you to provide motivation and guidance to our artists.

東京工芸大学 “写真学科スペシャル” ロゴ

Award Winners from the “Department of Photography Special 2021”

Kisei Kobayashi Award
Rina Sato [The Grand Prix Prize]
Taishi Hirokawa Award
Dai Mizunuma
Ryo Ohwada Award
Nanako Kobayashi
Mitsuhiro Matsudaira Award, Ryota Katsukura Award
Momoka Hoshiko
Akira Yoshida Award
Amane Mori
Hitoshi Tanaka Award
Shione Maruyama
Yoshinori Marui Award
Mao Mitarai
Koichiro Ueda Award
Yukino Tashiro
Takahiko Sakai Award
Seina Suzuki
Takashi Kawashima Award
Judo Miyamoto
Ayano Kageyama, Moe Shimogomi Award
Marina Hawaka
Audience Award
Ji Changyuan