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Kyushu Sangyo University Graduate School of Fine Arts Photo Exhibition We are but ants in a field / Windows into other worlds

This photographic exhibition features three up-and-coming photographers enrolled in the Photography Course under the Masterʼs Program in Plastic Expression at Kyushu Sangyo Universityʼs Graduate School of Fine Arts. Titled “We are but ants in a field / Windows into other worlds”, the underlying theme is about looking soberly towards far-off lands and capturing uncanny moments in everyday life. Viewers will be given a glimpse into the quest for photographic expression of Aoi Kato whose predilection for geometry spurred the young artist to collect and photograph objects from her native Shimane and Kyushu where she now resides, Tadanobu Nishida whose curiosity of how the former site of Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport was redeveloped led him to walk around photographing the Kai Tak area of Kowloon City twenty years after the airport was torn down, and Kakei Luo who went face-to-face with the reality on the Korean Peninsula by recording scenes of daily life shortly before North Korea closed its border because of the coronavirus. We are like ants learning how to make it in this big, big world. What’s there to see outside the window?

Aoi Kato

Born in 1995, native of Shimane Prefecture.
She has been "taking photos" as an expression of the space that flows around her and her thoughts. She got into photography by borrowing her father's camera to take pictures of familiar scenes. What fascinated her about photography was how what appears in a photo is a reflection of what she feels inside.

Tadanobu Nishida

Born in 1996, native of Tottori Prefecture.
He grew up near an airport, so airplanes were a familiar sight to him since he was little and, somewhere along the way, captured his interest as a means of transportation without him knowing it. He began taking pictures of airplanes sometime after starting junior high school. He got serious with it and enrolled in Kyushu Sangyo University in 2015, four years later compiling a collection of aircraft photos titled “Moment”. He expanded the scope of his work beyond aircraft to related subjects after entering grad school in 2019.

Kakei Luo

Born in 1994, native of Hainan Island, China.
She is strongly interested in social issues, especially in Asia, and continue to explore the potential of photographic expression as a topic of study from both its documentary nature and artistic quality.

Scene of the Gallery