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Yusuke Yasuoka Photo Exhibition America’s National Parks

I went to work at a photography studio out of college and, four years later, crossed the Pacific to America. While studying photography in New York, I began taking pictures of “America’s National Parks” in 2013.
Whether it was the red landscape of Arches National Park sculpted over millennia by the elements, the dense forests of Olympic National Park where nature’s aura permeates the silence or the full pallet of colors of Yellowstone National Park where you can hear the pulse of the planet, time seemed to stop. Immersed in those great outdoors, I snapped away photo after photo in a state of utter bliss.

After returning to Japan, I accompanied photographer Kazuyoshi Miyoshi on photographic expeditions around the world as his assistant. Though the scenery in Tahiti, Hawaii, Egypt, the Seychelles, Abu Dhabi, India and Sri Lanka was beautiful, the magnificent landscapes I saw in America echoed inside of me the most.

At this exhibition, I want to show you some photos of America’s National Parks and, through them, share with you my thoughts of a few landscapes that, no matter how many times I see them, never tire me.


Photographing location
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Yusuke Yasuoka Profile

Born in 1985. Lived in Kuala Lumpur in his teens because of his father’s job. Graduated from the Department of Photography at Nihon University’s College of Art in 2008. Went to work at a photography studio that same year.
Travelled to America in 2012. Returned to Japan in 2015 and began apprenticing for photographer Kazuyoshi Miyoshi. Went independent as a freelance photographer in 2018.

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A roughly 5-minute video of the dialog between Yusuke Yasuoka and photographer Kazuyoshi Miyoshi will be shown on TV in the gallery during the exhibition. (The Gallery Talk with Kazuyoshi Miyoshi that was announced by postcard has been cancelled.)

View Works Online
Talk with Photographer Kazuyoshi Miyoshi (In Japanese)
* The dialog will be prerecorded for playback during the exhibition.