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Kyushu Sangyo University Graduate School of Fine Arts Photo Exhibition Coordinates

Presenting the work of six photography majors in the Graduate School of Fine Arts at Kyushu Sangyo University, the exhibition is titled “Coordinates” to signify the places we wanderers of the world have been then and now.

He Kuankuan became interested in the post-Soviet sphere after watching a military parade in Russia, and has been traveling in those countries. Zou Nan finds deep connections between the sea and people’s lives, and has been exploring Hakata Bay in Fukuoka, his current home. Yuta Takasu tracks the appearances and examines the prospects of two former coal mining towns, Omuta, Fukuoka and Arao, Kumamoto. Ma Kazuo retraces the pilgrimage of the Japanese priest Ennin around the sacred Buddhist mountain Wutaishan during the Tang era (9th century) in China, recording scenes he would have viewed. Shota Maeno finds and documents rusted cars being consumed by nature in rural areas. Kouta Matsumura walks his hometown of Tsushima, Nagasaki, exploring its faces while gauging its distance from himself.

We hope the show can convey a sense of what we have seen in the world.

The Photographers

He Kuankuan

Born 1990 in Shanghai, China.
She was deeply interested in post-Soviet society, and she began traveling in the post-Soviet countries in 2013. When she was a child she knew there had been major reforms in the Soviet Union, but she could learn only a little from the available news reports. From the outside, our images of the region were mainly political. She tries to drop her biases as an outsider and portray “another” post-Soviet world, from her point of view.

Zou Nan

Born 1989 in Jiangsu Province, China.
He walks along the shoreline of Fukuoka, where he currently lives, and finds interesting scenes to shoot. Using the camera to document his own sense of Fukuoka, he finds connections between the sea and the city.

Yuta Takasu

Born 1995 in Fukuoka Prefecture.
He works mainly in northern Kyushu where he was born and raised, with a strong interest in modern and contemporary architecture. He has been exploring the current scenes at some of the many coal mines that used to operate in the area.

Ma Kazuo

Born 1993 in Shanxi Province, China.
He followed a route that the monk Ennin walked in the Heian Period when he joined one of the Japanese envoy to Tang Dynasty China, and collected stories about him. The people he met in the process led him to discoveries about the microcosm of his own life. Spending time as Ennin did, and looking at scenes that had changed since his time, his thoughts ran to the Tang era, and he could sense the many difficulties he endured.

Shota Maeno

Born 1995 in Kagoshima Prefecture.
He travels in search of scenes of obsolescence - abandoned or scrapped things on the way to their end. The scrap cars in the photos shown here are no longer in service as vehicles and are stored for secondary use. Perhaps you will get a feel for the individualities of these scrap cars, from their connections with people, the landscapes, and their passage through time enveloped in rust.

Kouta Matsumura

Born 1995 in Tsushima, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Photography for him means shooting his hometown, Tsushima. Through photography he gets to know Tsushima, he gets to know himself, and he has faith that a world lies ahead.