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Seiji Yokoshima Photo Exhibition Nap & Peace

I like to travel and have been many places, but one thing
I have noticed everywhere I’ve been is people napping.

I have spotted people snoozing in stores presumably open
for business, in postures you would think uncomfortable for
sleeping, in places that were hardly peaceful by any
standard, you name it! Yet, there they were unguardedly
sound asleep. And, seeing them zonked out like that
somehow calmed me.

I do not think of napping as a symbol of peace in the context
of security and order, but having the largess to nap anywhere
without hesitation in a world that is fastidious about most
everything seems like a kind of peace.

Seiji Yokoshima Profile

Born in 1978. Photographs everyday scenes around the world.


“BLINK MEMORIES - Istanbul” Olympus Gallery (Tokyo, Osaka)
“That ‘I Wonder What Happened Here’ Kind of Feeling” Totem Pole Photo Gallery (Tokyo)
“BLINK MEMORIES - Ha Noi” Konica Minolta Plaza (Tokyo)
“Delhi (Photo Premio)” Konica Minolta Plaza (Tokyo)


“BLINK MEMORIES - La Habana” (Utakatado)