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KYON.J Photo Exhibition GRACE OF LIGHT

Life is a journey and an adventure.

In the four years since I began photography, I have chased after the beauty of light as it envelops the world creating miraculous moments.

Around two years ago, I had my first solo exhibition, Amazing Moments, here in this place. I can never forget the words of an elderly couple I met then. They said, “We can never go to such places anymore. But looking at these photos, it’s as if we’re traveling the world.”

This renewed my desire to go around the world to capture beautiful landscapes with my lens for those who have never been or who cannot go to these places. Their words keep me going and motivate me to go forward into the unknown—no matter how far, how cold, or how difficult it may be.

In this exhibition, I want to show how light produces beautiful landscapes around the world. Enjoy walking through my two years of travel since the last solo exhibition. Explore the southern islands of New Zealand, Arizona (United States), Lake Baikal (Russia), Mt. Bromo (Indonesia), the Dolomites and Tuscany (Italy), Norway, Iceland, and Xinjiang Uygur (China).

GRACE OF LIGHT is about the blessings light gives. Because of this light, I’ve been inspired and have had many significant encounters. Light is hope for me. And, my desire is that this light (hope) can be shared with visually impaired children, so that they too can experience the radiant beauty of nature with their own eyes. With this hope, I will donate all profits from works sold in this exhibition to the international non-profit Orbis , which operates the “Flying Eye Hospital.” It would be a privilege to be able to contribute to the treatment of these children.


KYON.J Profile

2008 :
KYON.J, originally from Guangdong, China, came to Japan.
2014 :
Inspired by the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, she changed her life to embrace the great outdoors.
  • 2015 : Enthralled by the beauty of Hokkaido’s snowscapes, she began photographing landscapes to share her experience with others.
  • 2016 : KYON.J shot a series of works under the theme of “Beauty of China.”
  • February 2017 : Inspired by adventurers she met in Norway, she began to shift her focus to “Exploring the World.”
  • July 2017 : First solo exhibition, Amazing Moments, at Sony Imaging Gallery.
  • November 2018 : First photo book, GRACE OF LIGHT, published by Nikkei National Geographic Inc.