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The 36th Photo Contest Japanese Nature Scenes
Worth Preserving Forever Photo Exhibition
Main Sponsor / The Asahi Shimbun, The All Japan Association of Photographic Societies, The Forest Culture Association

This year's contest is the 36th since The Asahi Shimbun held its first photo contest in 1983 commemorating 100 Locations to Conserve for the 21st Century. Under the theme of Preserving Nature and Places in Japan Forever, 75 printed photographs, including the First Prize, were selected from 4,603 competition entries submitted in the Print Category. For the Digital Category submitted online, 32 photographs, including the First Prize for Sony 4K Award and Sony Next Photographer Award (for photographers who are 30 years of age or less), were selected from 5,553 competition entries.

Here at Sony Imaging Gallery Ginza, we will exhibit a panel of all prize-winning works in the Print Category. In addition, you can see all the prize-winning works in the Digital Category on three 4K BRAVIA® LCD TVs.
May the natural splendor of Japan be re-discovered in the landscapes, flora, fauna, people at work and other directly expressed subject matter.


Print Category

  • lkuo Nakamura Photographer
  • Kentaro FukudaPhotographer
  • Takayuki MaekawaPhotographer
  • Shin YoshinoPhotographer
  • Michiko YonePhotographer
  • Akira OnoPhoto & Multimedia Editor of Asahi Shimbun Tokyo Head Office
  • Tetsuji AsanoPhoto & Multimedia Editor of Asahi Shimbun Osaka Head Office
  • Hiroshi OkiManaging Director of The Forest Culture Association
  • Miyuki FushimiChief Editor of Asahi Camera

Digital Category

Kentaro Fukuda, Takayuki Maekawa, Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.

Main Sponsor
The Asahi Shimbun, The All JapanAssociation of Photographic Societies, The Forest Culture Association
Corporate Sponsor
Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc.

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