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Tomomichi Ito Photo Exhibition Cats in the neighborhood

I grew up in a family of dog-lovers.
I’m allergic to cats.
I used to think of stray cats as fear-ridden, cold and unexpressive.

But, about 7 years ago, I realized they were very expressive, became drawn to that and started
photographing them.
Now, going to see them with my camera in hand is part of my daily routine and I live with two
cats I rescued when out taking pictures.

“Take a picture of this handsome cat!” “Make me look prettier now!”
Every time, I point my camera at them, that’s what they seem to be saying.

The photos of the stray cats I came across in my neighborhood are printed on hand-made washi
paper (Awagami Factory).

Tomomichi Ito Profile

Born in 1980. Takes event photos on the side, while active preserving the streetscape of his neighborhood in photos. Also, gives photography lessons by taking students around his neighborhood to photograph the city during the different seasons.