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The Month of Photography, Tokyo 2019 Photographers in Asia 2019, Pakistan
Holy Land of Ancient Civilization Pakistan

“The Month of Photography, Tokyo 2019” hosts photo exhibitions at 9 venues across the Metro Area, on and around the Annual Day of Photography (June 1). As a part of this, the “Photographers in Asia 2019” international exhibition will be featuring the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a country in South Asia commonly known as Pakistan (a member state of the UK’s Commonwealth of Nations). The scenery, traditional culture and lifestyle of Pakistan depicted by 16 photographers will be shown at 4 galleries in the Metro Area -- Place M, Nikon Plaza Shinjuku THE GALLERY 1, Pictorico Shop & Gallery Omotesando Gallery 2, and Sony Imaging Gallery -- under the title of “Holy Land of Ancient Civilization, Pakistan”.

With an area of 800,000 km2, Pakistan is about twice the size of Japan. It borders with India to the east, China to the northeast, Afghanistan to the northwest, Iran to the west and the Indian Ocean to the south. Down the center of the country flows the Indus River whose fertile land gave rise to the multiethnic and multicultural Indus Civilization and around which today live 75% of Pakistan’s growing population of over 200 million. Pakistan is a nation with a wondrous natural environment, culture and history, noted by K2 in the north, the second tallest peak in the world, the hidden paradise of the Hunza Valley, the heritages of the Indus Valley Civilization in Mohenjo Daro, the Gandharan art and Buddhist culture of Taxila, and more.

  • Organized by "The Month of Photography, Tokyo 2019" Executive Committee --- The Photographic Society of Japan and Tokyo Photographic Art Museum
  • Sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Abbrar Cheema Profile

Born in 1967. Earned a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the College of Art and Design, Punjab University in Lahore, Pakistan. Now proudly representing himself as a Google trusted and certified photographer in Pakistan.

Iqbal Khatri Profile

Born in 1963. Passionate hobbyist photographer. Has covered almost all of Pakistan with his camera. Has contributed to many publications. Wants to cover the cultural heritage of Sindh and its people, and will soon launch a photo book in which you can experience the life in Shikarpur, Sindh.

Razaq Vance Profile

Born in 1964. Versatile and renowned photo artist from Pakistan. Greatly interested in nature studies and has a Master’s Degree in Zoology. His thesis was about spiders. Has received awards from a number of international photo contests, including being selected twice for the “International Photographic Salon of Japan”.

Tahir Khan Kayani Profile

Born in 1969. Has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Punjab. Self-taught in photography. A pioneer of aerial photography in Pakistan, since 2005. Pilot by profession, having served in the Pakistan Army Aviation Corps. Currently, Chief Pilot in the Balochistan Police Department, Quetta.

Tariq Hameed Sulemani Profile

Born in 1967. Wildlife and nature photographer based in Jahanian, Pakistan.