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Kazuto Hattori Photo Exhibition Station,Trams and the Hustle and Bustle

Train stations are a constant ebb and flow of people.
They arrive in huge numbers, wait a short while then depart for their separate destinations.
You see people picking others up and saying good-bye, departing on trips and returning home, commuting to and from work and school, travelers and foreigners. Amidst the coming and going of this unknown crowd unfold short-lived episodes of life.

Trams running up and down the crowded city streets carry people going about their business.
The old and the young, those off to work and those heading home, who is going to meet a friend and who a lover.
Without indulging in conversation, people of all walks of life share the same tram until they each get off at their different stops.

Stations and trams are two places where people and trains occupy the same space.
When this happens, untold dramas quietly unfold and instantly vanish amidst the hustle and bustle.
I used my camera to capture those moments in the daily urban landscape painted by people and trains.

Kazuto Hattori Profile

Born in Nagoya in 1961. Graduated from the Department of Photography at Nihon University College of Art. After working for Nippon Design Center, Inc. was dispatched to the Nairobi National Museum of Kenya and the Tribal Museum Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya Historical Study Center in Thailand. Has worked as a freelance photographer based in Tokyo since returning to Japan. Serves as a part-time Lecturer at his alma mater.