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TAKASHI Photo Exhibition Mt. Fuji

There is this photographer who took his first serious photo of Mt. Fuji in 2011 and ever since has photographed nothing but.
Thatʼs 7 years of just Mt. Fuji! His name is Takashi and until now has been known mostly overseas.

Mt. Fuji has enthralled an endless flow of Japanese photographers. Literally thousands upon thousands have sacrificed hours and hours of their time waiting for that special day and moment when this revered symbol of Japan appears in untold beauty, with aspirations of emulating and one day surpassing the achievements of those before them.

Takashi has combed through photo sites around the world. Having honed his perception in the process, his pursuit of Mt. Fuji began from a unique perspective all his own.

Its majestic silhouette floating on a sea of clouds as if separating heaven and earth
A cloud shaped like an alien mothership from space
The moment the warm light of dawn shines on a snowy landscape at -10˚C
The full moon appearing above the peak tinged red by the setting sun

Transparent vivid colors, subtle contrasts in monochrome, deep serene blue ink series. His expression unbridled, Takashi still seeks a new Mt. Fuji uninfluenced by all of the conventional representations, pure and simple.

Takashiʼs first solo exhibition is coming in spring 2019. See for yourself this next first step in his continuing evolution.

TAKASHI (Takashi Nakazawa) Profile

National Geographic (USA)
Photo adopted for June/July 2018 edition of Traveler magazine
Special collections of his photos posted on numerous websites
Contributed to Greatest Landscapes photo collection
Photo contests
3rd Place, Japan National Award, Sony World Photography Awards 2018
2nd Place, Landscapes, 35 Awards (Russia)
Winner of Natureʼs Best Photography Asia two years in a row
Numerous other awards from Japanese and international photo contests
Activities in Japan
Special collection of “15 Choice Photos by a Japanese Photographer Who Has Photographed Mt. Fuji for 7 Years” posted online at National Geographic (Japan)
Contributed to Moving Landscapes You’ll See Only Here photo collection
“February 23 Is Mt. Fuji Day: A Man Who takes 10,000 Photos a Year” aired on News 24, NTV
Photo adopted for the cover of The Most Beautiful Landscapes in Japan Today sold by MdN
Provided cover photo and frontispiece for January 2019 issue of Nippon Camera

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Shota Nagase