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LILY SHU Photo Exhibition ligament

Ligament: Fibrous, highly elastic tissue connecting the parts of the skeleton and smoothly regulating the movement of the joints.

The reproducibility inherent in photography is not so much about transmission to someone else. In reality it is the sensation of remembrance about oneself.
Taking a photograph, and viewing a photograph after it is taken, are not far from the sensation of dreaming. Something is triggered deep in the nervous system and we try to give shape to it, transform it, and catch glimpses of it.
When awake or when asleep, the constantly shifting visual movements that are part of being in a body leave behind vague sensations of passion, perception, pleasure or pain. Within them I have found something that crosses swords with some of my selves.

Lily Shu is born in Harbin, China in 1988 and is currently based in Tokyo. Her work deals with photography as a medium for reflecting the intersection of bodily action with vision, offering conceptions of time and space in very private as well as public settings, and broadly exploring changes of consciousness. Aware of the somatic and performance aspects of photographic activity, she uses metaphoric sequences and installations to express versions of time that hint at a past or future, at histories carried by the community in which the individual is involved.

LILY SHU Profile

Born in Harbin in 1988, Lily Shu studied fine art at the University of Essex, obtained a master’s degree in art history and philosophy from the University of Kent, and is now enrolled in the graduate program at Tokyo University of the Arts. Among her awards are the Judge’s Award from Atsushi Sasaki at the 7th Tokyo Frontline Photo Awards, and the Grand Prix of the Red Brick Warehouse Portfolio Audition at the 33rd Higashikawa International Photo Festival. She was a finalist in the 18th 1_Wall Photography Competition.

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