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Akinori Imanishi Photo Exhibition Rin - Dear Flowers -

Flowers often play a supporting role in my regular work of commercial photography. They might appear alongside a product or as part of a decorated interior, which I would equate to the leading role. Those flowers have always been dear to me.

Whether it be their shape, color or even how they move in the wind, every flower has a different expression. Even the same flower changes the way it sways from day to day and will drop its petals in all sorts of ways.

If you carefully observe a flower by itself, there is a moment where you discover its alluring beauty. In the process of photographing that expression, it’s all about respecting the flower’s will rather than impressing my thoughts upon the work.

In Japanese, rin (凛) describes someone or something that is gallant, truthful and straightforward. Given the way flowers look to me, it seems like an appropriate title.

Today, the flowers play the lead. See how they can be gallant and triumphant.

Akinori Imanishi Profile

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1959. After graduating from Japan Institute of Photography and Film, worked in various photo studios until founding Maple Studio in 1995. Member of the Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association (APA). APA award winner, selected to show at the JPS Exhibition, etc.