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Hiroshi Hatano Photo Exhibition Being

I‘ve always asked myself what a good photo was.

But, it wasn’t till recent that I had an answer I could swallow - photo that conveys what you want to convey to the person(s) you want to convey that to is one kind of “good photo”.

I recently found out that I have cancer.
There’s no hope for a cure, so I‘ve got a few years left to live.

When I talk about it, there are those who want to encourage me with the “miracles can happen” line, but if you are 1% hopeful, you also should accept at the same time that the other 99% is all risk.

I have an absolutely adorable 2-year-old son by name of Yu. There is a strong possibility that my son will live his life with little or no memory of his father. But, that is neither sad nor unlucky. Both he and I simply live with the circumstances we have been presented.

But, I want to share my feelings with him. His father certainly did not disappear because he didn’t like him.

I take pictures to show my son how much I loved him. I just want you (him) to know.

I wonder if that message will get across to him. It worries me a bit, but there’s nothing I can do after I‘m gone and I’m sure my wife will take over for me.

I am not exactly sure how the mechanism works, but when you press the shutter button on a camera, that instant is captured as a photograph. I was a bit slow figuring out for myself what a good photo was, but I wasn’t late and I will keep taking photos right up until I die.

I‘m glad I chose a life taking pictures, but I would have been just as happy had I chosen something different. My days are more fulfilling now than when I was healthy. I’m simply glad to have lived.

Hiroshi Hatano Profile

Born in Tokyo in 1983. Withdrew from the Nippon Photography Institute in 2004. Has worked as a commercial photographer and studied under Tsutomu Takasaki since 2010, while winning the Nikon Juna 21 for his “Ruins at Sea” that same year. Went freelance and got married in 2011. Won the Epson Photo Gran Prix in 2012. Had a baby boy in 2016. Discovered he had multiple myeloma in 2017, which he lives with today. Authored “Becoming the Parent I Wanted When I was a Kid” (PHP Institute).