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Shin Yamagishi Photo Exhibition 2018 End of Summer - Another Summer Come and Gone -

Marin-chan who met the beginning of summer in 2018.

And, at the end of the summer, it left with the wind, Marin-chan.

Thank you to Marin-chan who gave me a dream last summer in Heisei.

Shin Yamagishi Profile

Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1950. Is widely active as a photographer having photographed for advertisements, photogravure, photo collections, and magazines including CAPA by Gakken and Photo Technique Digital, though the core of his work is centered on portrait photos of actors, celebrities, athletes, etc. Appeared as a commentator on Asahi TV’s “Wide Scramble” from October 2000 to March 2002.

Was in charge of photography for the Democratic Party’s “New Administrative Leadership” poster in 2009. Has contributed to over 400 photo collections and shown in more than 20 exhibitions. Partook in the 3-man “I want to meet a woman-farmer” exhibition at Epsite in May this year and the 3-man “I love Hokkaido” exhibition at Maruhiko Art Space Nagomi just this past August. Announced his “Ban’ei Horse Racing: Hokkaido Heritage” photo collection and exhibition as an Ambassador of Tourism to the subprefecture of Tokachi, Hokkaido. Contributed by photographing Ban’ei horse racing. Staged his exhibition at the Obihiro Racecourse during this year’s Golden Week holiday.

Continues years-long projects of a single subject including his “Faces in the Moment” and “Cherry Blossoms of Yasukuni Shrine”, which he has photographed for over 10 years, his “KAO’S”, which he started more than 30 years ago, and more recently the periodic rebuilding of “World Heritage Kamowakeikazuchi Shrine” and his “Ceremonial Worship by the Imperial Family: Commemorative Collection”.

  • 2016 Distinguished Contributions Award, Photographic Society of Japan
  • Member, Japan Professional Photographers Society

Official website

Marin (Model)

Born on March 16, 1998.
Registered with Office Palette talent agency.