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Will Burrard-Lucus is a British photographer born in Kent, United Kingdom in 1983. His passion for Africa and its wildlife took root at a young age, having spent several years of his childhood growing up in Tanzania.

Fifteen years later, whilst studying physics as Imperial College in London, the advent of the consumer digital cameras saw Will take up photography. Within a short space of time, his new found love of photography had merged with his passion for the natural world and, whenever possible, he would travel to photograph wildlife. At the same time, he started using the Internet to share and sell his images. By 2010 he had established the foundations of his business and took the leap to become a full time wildlife photographer.

Will has always endeavored to utilise new technologies to push the boundaries of wildlife photography. He developed a remote-control camera buggy called BeetleCam to take close-up ground-level photographs of animals and his own camera trap sensors to automatically detect and photograph shy animals. As digital cameras evolved, advances in lowlight sensitivity made it possible to photograph nocturnal wildlife in ways that were not previously possible. This inspired Will to embark on a long-term project to reveal African wildlife at night, using his devices to capture animals under the starry night sky. In 2014, Will founded Camtraptions Ltd to turn his creations for remote and camera trap photography into products for photographers and filmmakers around the world.

Will’s work has appeared in exhibitions in the Natural History Museum in London and the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. His work has been commended in Wildlife Photographer of the Year, GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year and he has twice won categories in the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards (Moving Image category 2011 and Natural World category 2017). Will’s winning entry in the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards was titled “African Wildlife at Night” and led to a grant from Sony for his next project titled “Land of Giants”. The aim of this latest project was to document the last of Africa’s iconic elephants with tusks reaching down to the ground, in collaboration with the Tsavo Trust and Kenya Wildlife Service. In late 2018, “Land of Giants” will be released as coffee table book in support of the Tsavo Trust. Wildlife as Never Seen Before is an exhibition chronicling the progression of Will’s work, from the early days of BeetleCam and his work with camera traps to his “African Wildlife at Night” project and a preview of his new “Land of Giants” book.