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Tsukasa Nakagawa Photo Exhibition Boys and Music

Boys and Music

Things are obvious to some viewers and not so to others. What is abstract to one person is sharply defined to another.

There is freedom, openness and unlimited possibilities when the only permitted point of view is one’s own.

Within the flood of information today, we all tend to forget the fun side of life because we’re obsessed and busy trying to prevent leaks.

So, I’m always looking for ways to discharge my batteries rather than charge them.

That is the thought I held onto when creating my science-fiction pornographic exposé “Boys and Music”. The sexual connotations born from superimposing naked men over abstract photos of water, skies, paper, walls and so forth is not sexual in a direct sense. It is sexual only in the way the viewer imagines it.

I’m not pushing this on anyone. From start to finish, it’s meant to be a gentle, clean and music-like sensorial experience entirely within the viewer’s imagination.

Tsukasa Nakagawa

Tsukasa Nakagawa Profile

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1973.
Known as a commercial photographer who takes portraits of celebrities around the world and captures their lifestyles and travels in pictures.
2017 “Sex and Music” solo exhibition