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The Month of Photography, Tokyo 2018 Photographers in Asia 2018, Sri Lanka
The Sacred and Beautiful Island Sri Lanka

The “Photographers in Asia” international exhibition for 2018 features the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

In 1948, the nation gained independence from Great Britain as Dominion of Ceylon. In 1972, to mark the resolution of a long-term conflict involving the Islamic Tamil minority, the name was changed to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. An island nation with a predominantly agricultural economy in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has a land area about 80% as large as Hokkaido and a population of 21 million, most of whom are Buddhists. The name Sri Lanka means “radiant island,” and with its rich natural greenery set against the deep blue of the sea, it is known as “the pearl of the Indian Ocean.” The country has eight World Heritage Sites and is very popular with foreign tourists.

Sri Lanka had struggled with civil war for 26 years. As the civil war ended in 2009, its economy has shown a stable economic growth rate of 4% or more annually due to industrial development measures. In terms of trade, Sri Lanka exports tea, seafood, apparel and so on to Japan, so Japan is an important trading partner for Sri Lanka. The country has a long including various traditional arts, and in the field of photography, the Photographic Society of Sri Lanka has been the main force in diffusing and developing photographic culture.

The works of 15 Sri Lankan photographers showing the scenery, cultural traditions, and lifeways of their country are being shown at four different venues - Canon OPEN GALLEY 2, THE GALLERY, Place M, and Sony Imaging Gallery.

  • Organized by The Photographic Society of Japan "The Month of Photography, Tokyo 2018" Executive Committee
  • Sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and Embassy of Sri Lanka

R H Samarakone Profile

Born in 1957, R H Samarakone got into photography 10 years ago and studied the basics of photography skills at the Photographic Society of Sri Lanka. After that, he has served as Honorary Secretary and Chairman of the Photographic Society of Sri Lanka.

Sameera Kotelawala Profile

Born in 1979, Sameera Kotelawala is a creator specializing in art and design, and works as a designer in advertising. He won the PSA Silver Medal and the NPAS Special Award at the 18th International Photo Exhibition 2017 by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) of Sri Lanka.

Ranjani Perera Profile

Born in 1956, Ranjani Perera is a member of the Photographic Society of America, the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, the Photographic Societies of Great Britain and Singapore, the Photographic Society of Sri Lanka, the National Society of Photographic Art of Sri Lanka, the National Association of Photographers - Sri Lanka (NAPSL), and the Institute of Sri Lankan Photographers (ISLP). She currently works as a secretary to the Institute of Sri Lankan Photographers (ISLP).

Pandula Bandara Profile

Born in 1972, Pandula Bandara is the managing director of Theme Brand Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., an advertising company in Sri Lanka. He started photography as a hobby and has received numerous awards within Sri Lanka and abroad.