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Tokyo Polytechnic University
“Department of Photography Special” Award 2018 Exhibition

This exhibition will be showing the Grand Prix and other award-winning works from the "Department of Photography Special 2018".

“The Department of Photography Special” is an event where all of our students, from freshmen to seniors, enrolled in the Department of Photography, Faculty of Arts, at Tokyo Polytechnic University, are eligible to receive accolades for their outstanding achievements, based on work chosen and completed during the academic year.

Public presentations were made by the over 40 nominees on the last exhibition day, February 10. The awards and the Grand Prix were selected by the invited judges, Taishi Hirokawa and Seungwoo Yang who are the distinguished photographers and Takahiro Ito (curator of TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC ART MUSEUM).

On display at this gallery are the prizewinning works from Photography Special 2018, along with the works from the other finalists. There is also a slide show presenting the graduation projects of each of the students who will graduate from the department this year.

Tokyo Polytechnic University “Department of Photography Special” Award logo

Award Winners from the “Department of Photography Special 2018”

Hirokawa Taishi Prize
Asano Tsukasa *Grand Prix
Seungwoo Yang & Koichiro Ueda Prize
Yogawa Takumi
Takahiro Ito Prize
Saito Momoka
Ryo Ohwada & Akira Yoshida Prize
Ono Luta Mizuki
Hitoshi Tanaka & Kisei Kobayashi Prize
Yanagi Kaho
Hiroaki Yoshino Prize
Oizumi Saki
Kimi Himeno Prize
Kozu Yuma
Takahiko Sakai Prize
Nara Misato
Yoshinori Marui Prize
Takahashi Miki
Ryota Katsukura Prize
Kurita Koyo
Audience Prize
Horii Daichi
Prix Indépendant
Iwano Jun-ei