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About α CLOCK Project Overview

Throughout the world, there are numerous "World Heritage" locations selected by UNESCO - treasures, both natural and manmade, that must be maintained for future generations to also enjoy. These locations include magnificent scenery formed naturally over innumerable decades, historical sites constructed in ancient eras, and other irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration. There are so many locations across the globe in the World Heritage List that it would be very difficult to visit all of them in a single lifetime. The α CLOCK project, brought to you by Sony, is an attempt to photograph these World Heritage locations with Sony's own α DSLR camera and to share these recorded treasures with the world.

How to Download

  1. Click the center sircle to display the wallpaper image synchronized to your computer clock.
  2. Choose the display resolution appropriate for your monitor.
  3. The download will begin once the selection is made.