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Environmental Initiatives in Thailand honored with the Prime Minister's Industry Award for Environmental Quality Conservation

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Environmental Initiatives in Thailand honored with the Prime Minister's Industry Award for Environmental Quality Conservation

January 14, 2022

Sony Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd-Chonburi (STT-C)'s continuous efforts which focus on delivering the highest quality and environmentally conscious products to customers have been recognized with the Prime Minister's Industry Award 2021 for the Environmental Quality Conservation category. This award is organized by Thailand's Ministry of Industry, and it honors outstanding industrial enterprises which have the initiative and diligence in creativity that are beneficial to the development of the national industry of Thailand. STT-C received the award from Prime Minister Prayuth at the award ceremony held on Monday, December 13, 2021.

The award was given to STT-C for the implementation of various initiatives such as energy, water, and waste management based on Sony's environmental plan "Road to Zero," which aims to achieve zero environmental impact by 2050. At STT-C, employees work together on environmental management and drive initiatives such as installation of solar panels, smart energy monitoring, recycling wastewater and more.

Could you tell us about the sustainability/environmental awareness in Thailand?

In Thailand, the government and industry leaders continue to drive sustainable development with the promotion of “bio-circular-green (BCG)” economic model. Specifically, a BCG economy drives sustainable and environmentally conscious developments using, technology and innovation. Examples include turning waste to use, shifting toward more environmental products, and investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Sustainability awareness among Thai consumers is also increasing, with many becoming more eco-conscious and willing to pay more for sustainable products.

Mr. Terdphan Stienswasdi Mr. Terdphan Stienswasdi
Vice President, Corporate Human Management Center
Sony Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Tell us in detail about the sustainability initiatives unique to STT-C.

In line with Sony's global environmental plan and medium-term goal, STT has implemented several unique initiatives including:

  • Installation of solar panels that is able to generate approximately 2.7 million Kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, equivalent to a reduction of approx. 1.3 kiloton (kt) of CO2. Since the installation, STT-C is able to obtain approx. 6.1 million kWh of electricity that is equivalent to a reduction of approx. 3.1 kt of CO2.
  • The first Sony factory to install a high efficiency chiller to reduce greenhouse gas emission, which was recognized as an application of outstanding low-carbon technology and selected for Japan Ministry of the Environment's Financing Program for Joint Crediting Mechanism Model Projects in fiscal 2020.

With the above examples, STT-C has received many recognitions from the local government offices including ECO factory, Green Industry Award, 3R Award, and Best Waste Management Award, among others.

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