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The Ever-expanding Possibilities of Robotics for the Future of Humanity

On November 5th, 2017, Shibuya's public street became a race track

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Lower-limb prosthesis enables people who could not walk to walk again.
But is this technology of use only to those with disabilities?

Restoring sight to those who could not see was once an intractable challenge.
But thanks to the evolution of technology, even 100 year old people can now see clearly.

A future in which everyone can walk, run, and move.
A world without physical troubles.

Our aim is to make this future a reality, expanding human possibility through the power of robotics.
Our challenge is to expand the future potential of humanity.

Technology has the power to open new possibilities for people.

Introducing three projects about lower-limb prosthesis which Ken Endo, Researcher of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. has been working on.