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PlayStation®VR introduces an exciting immersive gaming experience in sublime virtual reality. Stunning virtual 3D environments in 360° opens up a whole new world of powerful gaming entertainment.
Three members from Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) discuss their involvement in this new exciting development and the challenges they face with the future.

Developing a perfect product for the first year of VR.

Development for the PlayStation®VR began in 2010. The first functional prototype combined PlayStation®Move Motion Controller and a VR headset, and was a six-year collaborative effort comprising planners and designers and development teams in the US, UK and Japan.

"We succeeded in developing a perfect product for the first year of VR," proudly gleams Yasuo Takahashi of the Global Product Strategy & Management Department, in charge of management and overseeing the interaction with global members. His ideal for the future is to make VR accessible, easy and fun for everyone.

Yasuo Takahashi

"Creating the VR headset"

Takamasa Araki of the Mechanical Design Department expresses his passion in developing the headset. "Since this was my first experience with such a product, I think I was a little apprehensive about it, but my first impression was that it was a very exciting product." He reflects on his anxiousness and expectations at the initial stages.

Taichi Nokuo of the Corporate Design Center, defines the design of the first prototype as "this really clunky thing." Motivated to design a cooler looking headset, he struggled with the design refinements.

First headset prototype and subsequent evolution

That was when our engines started

Yasuo says the impact he felt when he first experienced the wide-angle view of the prototype in 2012 kicked his motivation into high gear. The possibilities and joy of developing a product that will deliver a brand new experience to people worldwide inspired his drive to succeed.

Involved in the creation and design of several prototypes in the early stages, Taichi was also highly motivated.

Meanwhile, Takamasa found his inspiration when he witnessed the people's response when PlayStation®VR was announced at GDC (Game Developers Conference) in 2014. "So many people came to see it. I got goosebumps everywhere. We had been a little worried as we worked on it, but right then we really started to feel like it would take off and we really felt we owed it to everyone to make this a success."

People who first experienced PlayStation®VR at the Tokyo Game Show venue

Iconic Representation of the world of PlayStation®

Taichi explains one of the toughest challenges was creating that iconic "this is the PlayStation®VR" look at first glance. Right from the beginning he wanted it to be designed so that there was a single straight strap that affixes to the user's head. After a much research, consultation with the mechanical design team and several rounds of refinements, he was able to create his vision.

Taichi Nokuo

Lift with one finger, thanks to ultimate balance around center of gravity

Precisely adjusted to the center of gravity, Takamasa discusses the trials and errors of developing the headset component. "When the center of gravity is in the front, it creates a forward-leaning force, which can cause neck discomfort. So we put a lot of attention into getting a good balance and center of gravity. Basically, we repeated fine adjustments to get the center of gravity to sit on the forehead."

Takamasa Araki

Yasuo had continued to watch the evolutionary process from the early prototype and was struck by the passion and dedication of Takamasa and Taichi. "We made prototype after prototype, of various types, which were all evaluated and rejected, and this when on many times. The finished product is definitely thanks to the hard work of our designers and mechanical design teams."

Passion for this product spurred the speed of release

Yasuo, in charge of interacting with the participating global teams, says he deeply felt the passion of the PlayStation®VR development team across the seas. "We took the passion that we all had for this product, and it was the same for our team in America, and our team in Europe as well, and it's amazing to see all of that passion has been packed into this product. "

"Never compromise and keep on pursuing. Never ease up." says Taichi who recalls the amount of time dedicated to the development. Within this short phrase, we can sense his devotion to the perfection of the PlayStation®VR design.

Mechanical Design Department's Takamasa says that he was inspired by the genuine passion shared by the team members. "Our love for this product was enormous. There were also a ton of ideas brought to the table by team members who had been a part of the development team since 2010. When a lot of people came together and decided to make it happen, the hardware and software, and the peripheral environment came together at an amazing pace."
He was overwhelmed by everyone's enthusiasm when the full-scale commercialization was decided. "I think that was when the SIE really got running on this," he says looking back.

Global team staff testing PlayStation®VR

PlayStation®VR continues to evolve

The history of the PlayStation®VR as a gaming system has only just begun. But the dreams of those involved in development have already grown beyond and toward an unseen future. "With PlayStation®VR, you can go anywhere and experience anything. It can even be like a time-machine, taking us back to another age, using data from the past to create a different world," speaks Yasuo excitedly.

For engineer Takamasa, PlayStation®VR is without a doubt the best it can be at the moment, as he talks about future goals. "As the technology evolves, I think that the we can continue to aim even higher." It is important to keep on innovating without becoming restricted to what can be done now. Perhaps in his mind, the future road map of PlayStation®VR has already been drawn.


  • Developing a perfect product for the first year of VR.
  • "Creating the VR headset"
  • That was when our engines started
  • Iconic Representation of the world of PlayStation®
  • Lift with one finger, thanks to ultimate balance around center of gravity
  • Passion for this product spurred the speed of release
  • The PlayStation®VR continues to evolve