Sony creates a new world beyond virtual reality

Project Lindbergh

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Project Lindbergh is a team consisting of Sony Group professionals in music, games, broadcast cameras, as well as audio and visual technologies that creates next generation XR (extended reality) experiences, including AR and VR. Working with music artists from various genres, the team is constantly leveraging their expertise and technology to create advanced entertainment contents.
Examples of their work include the "Hikaru Utada Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018 - 'Hikari' and 'Chikai' - VR" experience, which received highly positive reviews, as well as, "Survive Said The Prophet VR EXPERIENCE", which took the Lumiere Award in the US for Best Use of Musical Experience in VR in January 2020.
What is this new world that Sony envisions beyond virtual reality? Team leaders Shigeki Tanaka and Takashi Imamura and other collaborators share their ideas.