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Creating a park in the middle of Ginza Sony's unprecedented challenge

Ginza Sony Park Project

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Sony Building has welcomed countless visitors over half a century as a place from where the Sony Group disseminated information, and as a symbol of Ginza. However, it will come to a close as of the end of March this year. After the building is demolished, it will reopen as a very public and open space, known as GINZA SONY PARK, for two years from the summer of 2018 until the fall of 2020. Daisuke Nagano, the man placed in charge of spearheading this project, invited his friend and sports journalist, Tetsuo Nakanishi, to the building to introduce "It's a Sony" Exhibition, Part 2, which aims to convey the philosophy behind the project. They talk about the unprecedented challenge of creating a park in the middle of Ginza.