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The Challenge of Accessibility Support
Making PlayStation® "The Best Place to Play"

The opening BGM flows, and the aerial image of the appearance of Sony Interactive Entertainment headquarters in San Mateo, USA is projected on the screen

Movie title is displayed on the background of the aerial shooting image
Sony's Innovations & Challenges,
The Challenge of Accessibility Support
Making PlayStation® "The Best Place to Play"

The entrance of Sony Interactive Entertainment headquarters appears on the screen,
and game characters and the successive PlayStation machines are lined up

Screen switching, and Shawn Layden, the chairman of Worldwide Studios and president of
Sony Interactive Entertainment America is making a speech in the event

"Accessibility is a big word to describe a very fundamental idea"

The appearance of engineers who give opinions to people with disabilities is displayed

"We are creators of great stories
Do we want everybody in the world to have the chance to experience that?
The answer is of course we do!"

Screen switching,
Yasuhiro Yamanaka, the senior director of Global Product Strategy & Management Development, Norihiro Nagai, the director of VR Product Development Planning sec R&D division global R&D, and Shunsuke Bamba (pronunciation Banba)of the Global Product Strategy & Management Department Section 2 are seated

Nagai starts talking

"I think that accessibility is a very important function
For both people with or without disabilities we provide a chance to play in the same way"

The state of the disabled person who operates PlayStation®4 appears

"When you say disabilities, there are visual and hearing and other disabilities,
and it was very difficult to figure out how to accommodate all of them
That was tough in the beginning "

The title "Exploring Uncharted Territory" is displayed on the black background

"We could not have done it without the cooperation of many engineers,
and that was one of the challenges
Whether we would really be able to meet the needs of our customers was a concern
After all, nobody tells us what to do"
"With so many people involved, it also seemed unlikely that we would see a 100% perfect solution"

Accessibility setting screen of PlayStation®4 is displayed

"We had our assumptions, but honestly,
we were pretty uncertain about whether it would actually work until the very end"

Kevin Chung, the Director of Compliance of Sony Interactive Entertainment is sitting on a chair and starts talking

"The law in this case did not say, You must do A, B, C
It said, To accomplish A, B, C
It did not say how to do it"
"Once the prototype was completed, we ran user testing in the US
I also went there to watch the test
I went with confidence, thinking that we had created something that was pretty good
But we had unexpected results
We had placed the entry point for the accessibility settings at the bottom of the screen"

Menu screen of PlayStation®4 is displayed

"Of course, to us, we knew exactly where it was at a glance
But there were several users that could only see right in front of them, and they couldn't see it
Since it was at the bottom, they didn't notice it
That was quite a shock for me
I wondered who exactly I had been designing this thing for over the last year"

Accessibility setting screen of PlayStation®4 is displayed

"So before we released it, we moved the accessibility settings to a more prominent position"
The title "Everyone relates to Accessibility" is displayed on the black background
"On a personal level I also had a deep interest in working with accessibility"

A picture with a smiling Chung with his mother is displayed

"My mother, many years ago, was a teacher assistant in the public schools,
and she was working with children who had disabilities severe physical disabilities,
mental disabilities, and emotional disabilities.
And I was raised from a young age to understand and have compassion for people with disabilities.
They are entitled to have the same opportunities as anyone else
and to be treated like anyone else and should be included.
We think of disability as a sickness or an illness, and sometimes it is a medical condition.
But we all get older.
And as we get older our senses sometimes degrade.
So everyone should be able to relate to accessibility
even if they themselves may not have a medical condition or know someone who does."

The title "Impossible becomes possible" is displayed on the black background

"Normally, user tests are done to examine whether it is easy to use
But in terms of accessibility, there was a tremendous leap because impossible becomes possible
With settings such as Larger Text, High Contrast, and Text to Speech etc
from the moment they turned on these features users were really happy
When they expressed their joy I was really moved"

Menu screen of PlayStation®4 with bold text is displayed

"It was even easier for the healthy
They all liked the Bold Text feature"
"I have a great respect for Sony and PlayStation's engineers"

The image of engineers working at Sony Interactive Entertainment headquarters in San Mateo, USA is displayed

"These people are very, very smart, very technically able, and they knew what the goal was,
and I never really had a doubt that they would come up with something great"

The title "Create a playground where everyone can enjoy" is displayed on the black background

"We should be committed to doing everything we can within reason
to make sure that person can try it,"

People with disabilities enjoy playing games on PlayStation®4 appear

Accessibility setting screen in the game and image of playing the game are displayed

"and not feel like, that because I am deaf or blind or in a wheelchair
that I cannot even try that experience
For a lot of people, video gaming is an escape
It is an experience that in real life they may not be able to walk across the desert
or climb a mountain or fire a gun or fly into space,
but in video games we can help them go to those places"
"I think it is about showing users a place for fun
Nothing formal about it"

People of various nationalities are enjoying playing games on PlayStation®4 at the event

"PlayStation is a platform, so it isn't fun in and of itself,
but rather it is the titles that gather around it
and other elements that make PlayStation the best place to play
I think that is what we as SIE need to always keep in mind"

Movie ends with Sony's logo