Welcome to “Feel the Sony beyond.” Website
You are the 002049th Blade Runner.
Welcome to
“Feel the Sony beyond.” Website
Feel the Sony beyond.

To see the future
before it arrives.
To witness ideas beyond imagination.
To behold technology yet undreamed.

Three and a half decades ago
Blade Runner made this possible.
The steampunk masterpiece
that took the world by storm.

Now, Sony meets Blade Runner 2049,
revealing the future once again.
And so begins another fantastic journey,
Inspired, exciting, unexpected.

Transcending all expectations.
Surpassing all limitations.

The future.
Mind blown.

Blade Runner 2049
Sony Style 2049 Making History
A drone projects a massive Sony logo onto the face of a Los Angeles skyscraper in the world of 2049. Witness this future in Blade Runner 2049.
The Wurlitzer is the juke box from the futuristic world of Blade Runner 2049. What makes it unusual, is not only it's high-style that mixes a kind of retro-future design, but when a song is selected, beneath the imposing glass bell-jar, a holographic image appears that is either the singer actually performing the song, or some image that poetically reflects the song being played.
Sony in
Making History
From the beginning, Sony has shaped history—has created imaginative products that inspire lifestyles and leave their mark on every successive era. In each of these rooms from the eras depicted in Blade Runner 2049 there are four such Sony products. Can you find them?
Blade Runner 2049