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Numerous Sensors that Continually Monitor
the Internal and External Environment

In the forthcoming self-driving era, the basic foundation of comfort will be supported by safety and security: the ability to take precautions far more thoroughly, more carefully and faster than humans. Sony's "Safety Cocoon" concept will contribute greatly to the achievement of such cars.
While monitoring all directions outside of the car, the technology will also pay careful attention to the passengers within. This is in addition to of course providing driving and parking assistance.
This all-encapsulating sensing technology brings peace of mind to those riding the car.


There are a total of 33 automotive grade sensors (including Sony CMOS sensors) installed both inside and outside the car. While keeping a watchful eye 360 degrees around the body, safety is also thoroughly monitored when the car is in motion. The cocoon-like layout also underlies the "Oval" design theme.


The network of sensors throughout the car enables 360-degree recognition of traffic conditions.
The sensors provide precise driving assistance, such as advanced cruise control, self-parking and auto-lane change functions, that corresponds to Level 2+ driver assistance. It not only enables safe, secure driving but also allows energy efficient driving and stress reduction. Software updates allow for continual performance upgrades, with the aim of ultimately achieving Level 4 or higher self-driving in the future.


Conventional automotive mirrors have advanced to a new level of performance through sensing and visual technology. Camera sensors will capture approaching vehicles and pedestrians and send an alert even before they can be detected by the human eye.
The three large displays in the cabin can be appropriately aligned according to the driver's preference or urgency. For example, the room display (room mirror) in the center can show the view from both sides of the vehicle. The high-brightness and resolution of each display ensures high visibility. If there is glare from the headlights of cars behind, HDR and other signal processing technology will enable the brightness to be adjusted. Sony will aim to leverage its array of sensing technologies to realize this next-generation safety system, providing smart mirrors that offer greater visibility and intelligence than conventional mirrors.


Inside the cabin, sensors will monitor the condition of drivers and passengers. The facial expression and body movement of drivers will be used to gauge their concentration and fatigue levels,
sending out alerts as necessary. The cabin temperature will be adjusted according to the condition and feelings of passengers. The safety of passengers will not be the only goal the aim is to also achieve a cabin environment that will be sensitive to people's comfort.

This content and prototype vehicle are intended to illustrate our future concepts in the area of mobility.

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