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Getting on Board Will Mean Jumping into
a World of Excitement

With the spread of 5G and advancement of self-driving technology, people will eventually be relieved from car operations. The car cabin will evolve into a comfortable environment, like the space inside a living room. When that time comes, what should the experience of being transported in
a car offer? Sony wants to create a mobile entertainment space with a field of sound that encapsulates the entire body, a luxurious visual world of moving images, and intuitive user interfaces all packed within the cabin. The future that awaits us may be a new type of mobility in which people climb on board their cars to enjoy their free time.

So immersive. So real.

Having the body encapsulated by sound from all directions is an unprecedented and immersive audio experience made possible by 360 Reality Audio. Object-based spatial audio technology is utilized to recreate vivid realism that makes people feel like the artist is performing right before them.

Each musical element, such as vocals or instruments, can be placed in a spherical sound field based on the artists intended position. During playback, sound comes from 360-degrees around the listener to recreate performances with invigorating reality.


The realistic experience that 360 Reality Audio aims to achieve will be based around the car's seat speakers. The aim is to create a world in which each passenger can enjoy his or her favorite music in their seats with a personalized sound configuration.

Listening on your own, or with everybody?

An optimized speaker layout based on our most advanced audio engineering has been meticulously designed from the ground up. With Sony's audio signal processing technology, this provides an exquisitely real audio experience that best utilizes the cabin space.


In today's living room environment, the convenience of enjoying video at your fingertips is now considered the norm. This "enjoy video anywhere at any time" experience will also be extended to the world of cars. On entering the car, the drivers and passengers will see before them a row of displays that create a wide screen. Going from place to place every day will become a time for people to indulge in the luxury of enjoying movies and other video. The ergonomic user interface will be extremely intuitive, with each driver and passenger able to freely access content. A jog dial will also be installed, allowing fingertip video control, even if the viewer has chosen to recline their seats.

This content and prototype vehicle are intended to illustrate our future concepts in the area of mobility.

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