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Always Connected to the Outside World,
the Car Continuously Grows

In this age in which all products and data are interconnected, cars have also become a part of that network. The built-in software continually evolves via the Internet. The overall hardware of the car,
as part of this, will continue to develop. It will evolve from a conventional group of independent systems that have predetermined functions, to an advanced integrated and linked system that has the potential to grow. Sony has its eyes set on realizing the continual evolution of cars via networks, and the creation of a car society in which each owner possesses a single vehicle for a long time, and minimizes their environmental impact.


This is a car that gets closer to and understands you. If it detects a sleeping passenger in the back seat, the car will automatically control the climate around that seat to a suitable temperature. It will keep learning, whether it is about preferred cabin temperatures, music, driving settings, routes, or various other driver and passenger preferences. The aim is to develop a car that learns each time people board it, and develops into an intelligent partner.


"Completion" may be a thing of the past for cars of the future. A car's system will be repeatedly updated over time. Cloud artificial intelligence will interact and learn as part of the sensing system, enabling it to become even more highly intelligent and functional. The longer a person continues to use a car, the more the car will evolve, resulting in richer experiences and generating new appeal.

This content and prototype vehicle are intended to illustrate our future concepts in the area of mobility.

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