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Understand the spirit and passion of the researchers and engineers who create innovation by technology

Contributing to Society through Pride and Sense of Responsibility
as Expert Manufacturing Group
Interview with Ventilator Production Support Team

Sony’s Latest Image Sensors and
the Technologies that Lies Behind Them

Realizing a Better Future through Sony’s Imaging
and Sensing Technology
To Spark Imaginations and Enrich Society

Eye-sensing Light Field Display
Delivering 3D Creators’ Visions to Customers the Way They Intended

Moving Towards Evolution in Mobility with “VISION-S”
Sony’s New Initiative Pursues Comfort and Entertainment
in the Realm of Mobility

Pursuing Diversity and Globalization to Strengthen Sony’s Technology

Aiming for More Comfortable and Secure Mobile Society
with AI and Sensing Technology — Future Mobility Project

Sony AI - Attracting the world’s best AI researchers
and engineers to unleash the potential of Sony’s AI

Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA)— Optimizing Use of Radio Frequency Resources towards the 5G/Beyond-5G Era

Aiming for VR Capable of Realizing the Impossible Volumetric Capture Technology That Goes Beyond Omnidirectional Visualization

"Technology Direction for FY20" Message to Sony's Employees from Toru Katsumoto, Executive Deputy President, Sony Corporation.

Postcard Size Display — Optimal Solution Finally Achieved through a Long Way of Relentless Effort in Development

Expanding the world with the power of sound Create innovative real-time interactions

Value Creation through Diverse Employees and
Sony’s Unique Technology

The Seeds of Innovation Building Sony's Future

Delivering the Best Music Experience to Customers

Advance OSS Along with Society and
Bring About Innovation

What We Can Do Now for a Smart Future

A Highly Accurate Data Analytics Tool Refined
Through Sony’s Diverse Businesses

Using AI to Create Materials
That the World Has Never Seen Before!

Purify Water and Air on the Earth
Planetary Potentiality from Small Rice Husks

Will low-power, ultra-compact, high-performance semiconductor
technology change the future of the space industry?

Visualize the Entrepreneurial Process to
Accelerate Open Innovation

Will Sony's automotive CMOS image sensor
be a key to autonomous driving?

Will "Flying Robot" Change Society?
—The Next Generation Drone Company Opens the Door to the Future

Exploration of accessibility and the future created by
Sony's technology

Pioneering the Future with Optical Elements

Envisioning the Future Created by Sony’s AI
— Artificial Intelligence That Assists Creativity

All IoT devices in the world might be connected to ELTRES in the future

New Experience Value to be Achievable only by “Sony x 5G”

What it will take for Sony to become No. 1 in the AI field

Who is 8K reality for?

Perspectives from the creators of the image sensor “microcosm”

How the ORBEYE* medical innovation came to be
*ORBEYE is a product name of Olympus Corporation.
Medical device notification number: 13B1X00277000634.

An Interview with Toru Katsumoto,
Executive Vice President, Sony Corporation.
Creating Things That Don’t Yet Exist,
Five to Ten Years from Now

MPEG: Key technology for the future of entertainment

Standardization creates social infrastructure

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