System Architecture & Processor

Turn high-efficiency, high-reliability and low-power consumption system platforms into reality

AI x Robotics Platform

In 2001, we were the first in the world to develop and install embedded Linux as a common OS for various AV products. We also made our software development more efficient and achieved high functionality for these products. Currently, we are expanding our focus area to system software and development environments for our AI x Robotics products. Since the AI x Robotics system software requires more advanced intelligent processing, we are developing a robotics framework that supports recognition processing and action planning. We are also developing a framework based on our hypotheses about advanced intelligent processing architecture. We are working on developing a demo system that uses this framework.

next-generation system software

Cloud & AI Platform

Connection with the cloud (network service) is critical for Sony’s cutting-edge fundamental technologies to reach social implementation and solve problems. When developing a cloud platform, it is necessary to cover everything from the proof of concept to the practical application phase, so we are dedicating thorough consideration to system operations, monitoring, and security as we develop the platform. AI-related knowledge in areas such as image processing, machine learning and data science is required according to the problem that needs to be solved, and our goal is to provide this knowledge through the cloud in a timely manner.

Low Power Consumption Vision / Behavior Sensing System

The wearable / IoT society of the future requires advanced information recognition and compression technology on the sensing device side. There are also issues such as overheating problems in wearable devices and securing power sources for IoT devices. Sony will contribute to the wearable / IoT society of the future through development that is consistent from processor architecture to system software and cloud applications. While developing proprietary processor cores that maximize energy efficiency, we will also develop various technologies that help make them unique. We will deliver robust environmental image recognition while covering a wide range of other functionalities and areas as well.

creating new products that expand with proprietary processors

Device / Cloud Collaboration Platform

New types of products that use emerging technologies such as AI x Robotics and dialogue agents are entering into actual use. The continuous evolution of the user experience is key to such new categories of products and services. Sony is developing a device-cloud collaboration platform to evolve the user experience, integrating high-speed response technology that can achieve ultra-low latency and high-speed machine learning technology enabled by distributed processing on the cloud.

device / cloud collaboration platform

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