Sensing Device

Provide sensing technology which outperforms the human senses

Tactile Sensing

Tactile sense, otherwise known as the sense of touch, is one of the reasons why humans can perform dexterous operations. Looking ahead to the era in which robots work harmoniously alongside people, we are developing multimodal sensors that can detect force distribution with precision, and solutions that make those sensors easier for customers to utilize. By acquiring a human-like sense of touch, robots will be able to hold objects without dropping them and handle tools adeptly as if they were extensions of themselves, in addition to understanding unstructured environments, textures of material surfaces and even the ability to recognize the emotions of humans. Tactile sensing technology can be applied to various business fields such as entertainments and sports.

Vital Sensing and Emotion Estimation

We have been working on research for vital sensing and emotion estimation technologies to become closer to people and to better understand them. By combining vital sensing technology achieved through the development of devices and signal processing with emotion estimation technology derived from experiments based on knowledge from statistical and machine learning and physiological psychology, we are developing core technology which enables a machine to understand the emotions of its users in real-time with the aim of enhancing personalized services.

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