Life Science

Understand the human body at the molecular level and contribute to a healthy society


Based on our mission to contribute to the progress of medicine through technology so that people can live healthy, happy lives, we develop technologies for research instruments that support the advancement of life science. In life science research, it is often necessary to handle and measure cells in environments that closely resemble actual living organisms. Therefore, we research fluid control technologies to manipulate cells using microchannels. In addition, to understand the activity of cells at a molecular level, we label proteins and genes with markers so that cell functions and disease mechanisms can be understood by identifying the positions and interactions of the markers. We also research marker materials, methods for labelling measurement targets with the markers, imaging techniques to detect the markers, and image processing methods. To verify the usefulness of our developed technologies, we perform collaborative research with leading researchers in life science at Open Laboratory at Tokyo Medical and Dental University and other such facilities.

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