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High-Quality Imaging Technologies

We have developed a wide range of signal processing technologies for video products including super-resolution processing that converts various video formats into 4K/8K quality, noise reduction, tone and color conversion, and motion-blur elimination. These technologies enable high resolution, high dynamic range, and wide color gamut for various kinds of video with various levels of quality. They compensate well for the video degradation in spatiotemporal resolution, tone, contrast, and color resulting from noise, data compression, and other factors. We will deliver our own brand of texture and reality through the high-quality imaging which is our fundamental imaging technology, in pursuit of even greater improvement in new video experiences.

super-resolution processing flow

Video Codec

Video codec technology is a data compression/decompression technology, which is indispensable for the transmission of massive amounts of video data over the internet and for its storage. We have developed and provided codec technologies that have been customized for use with each Sony product. Significant technical contributions have also been made to the standardization of MPEG-2, AVC, HEVC, and other video coding formats. Due to the popularization of new video formats including 8K, VR and free-viewpoint video, data sizes tend to increase. We are now working on the development of next-generation video coding to aim for higher compression ratios and codecs that deliver innovative video experiences.

transition of codec

Holographic Display

We are researching holographic displays with the aim of providing holographic representations in the user’s space as if the objects shown were actually there. In order to achieve this, we expect ongoing progress in device technology such as light field reconstruction display, and also require technology that naturally reproduces video content. Additionally, we are developing signal processing technology to maximize device performance, and technology to create appropriate viewpoints for the user and compose various content with consideration to human visual characteristics. We will contribute the progress of display technology to reproduce intuitive and natural holographic imaging.

holographic display image

Next-Generation Imaging Systems

Recently, there has been increasing demand for higher camera performance and thinner size, mainly for smartphone cameras. The camera would be thicker if we tried to achieve the desired performance with a single sensor, so we are developing multicamera systems which deliver high performance and thin size by creating linear arrangements of a number of sensors with different characteristics. For instance, a color sensor with high resolution and monochrome sensor with high sensitivity are combined to create color images with high resolution and high sensitivity. We are also developing fusion technology which integrates detection technology for the various parts and characteristics of each corresponding sensor.

multicamera fusion processing

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