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5G Cellular System

The 5G Cellular System is advancing in three areas; 1) enhanced mobile broadband services i.e. smartphone applications 2) massive connections for M2M communications in accommodating excessive sensors and devices, and 3) low latency, high-reliability communication such as in-car communication. Through internal and external collaboration, Sony is developing simulators from theoretical studies, and making technical proposals for international standardization. Also, we are working to create new business by exploring innovative technology and prototypes for proof of concept, such as new mobile use cases beyond 5G and dynamic spectrum sharing (cognitive radio) technology based on the new spectrum regulatory framework.

5G cellular system technology study area

IoT-Ultra Low Power Wireless System

We are striving to build new infrastructure and services based on the Sony original world standard LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) Wireless system that enables us to collect any information from any place and location. By restricting its application to small volumes of sensor data, the system allows extremely long range data transmission over 100km and low-power operation capable of 10-year maintenance-free service with one coin cell battery. Our R&D aim is to provide wireless technologies that offer stable, high-performance even in environments where other wireless systems are jumbled together, while also complying with global frequency spectrum regulations.

positioning and features of LPWA

Ultra High-Speed Wireless LAN

Currently various devices have the wireless LAN feature, and its usage is expanding rapidly. Sony is conducting research and development on next generation wireless LAN technology and making technical proposals for international standardization in order to broaden the possibility of use cases and create experiences that are only possible through wireless. One new use case is VR / AR devices, which need to move freely and transmit high quality broadband audio / video to achieve super-immersion. Sony focuses on 60GHz wireless LAN which enables ultra-high-speed transmission, and is researching and developing beamform mesh technology.

ultra high-speed wireless LAN for VR

Next Gen. Content Distribution Technology

Recently, in the flat-rate content distribution service that major content providers are mainly providing, it is popular to use streaming technology which is adaptive to the network band. Data volumes are also increasing rapidly in VR content distribution services in order to achieve higher levels of immersion. This requires new streaming technology that adaptively streams ranges for viewing. Together with our Entertainment Division, we are developing and standardizing VR distribution technology.

VR distribution technology

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