Introducing the concept of innovation by technology and our R&D locations

Sony Corporation R&D center

The R&D Center is sustaining the creation of products and services not only of Sony electronics but also of the financial services and entertainment businesses. By combining technology, devices, and systems, we aim for the co-creation of “KANDO” with our customers. We are driving forward cutting-edge research and development, collaborating with our own overseas laboratories as well as domestic and overseas universities and research institutes in this rapidly progressing field. Under the “Spirit of Innovation and Challenge,” we will propel technological innovation and enhance the creation of value, which will continue to provide our customers with “KANDO.”

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (hereinafter Sony CSL”) was founded in February 1988. At Sony CSL, value is assessed by the degree to which achievements are perceived to contribute to humanity and society, to new science and technology, to industrial progress, and to product development. We respect and foster each member’s initiative and creative ability.
A work of research is often a reflection of the researcher’s values, philosophy, and worldview. We gather Crazy” people and let them challenge themselves to change the world.
When founded, Sony CSL focused on fundamental research in computer systems, including operating systems, the Internet, and user interfaces. As the organization evolved, its focus shifted to exploring ways to use computers in diverse domains such as systems biology, econophysics and artificial intelligence. And now, its major research themes are Global Agenda,” which encompasses issues ranging from energy to food and healthcare; and Human Augmentation,” which includes studies exploring human creativity and human-computer interaction/integration and Cybernetic Intelligence.”In addition to Tokyo, we have a lab in Paris (founded in 1996). Sony CSL Paris is a small but booming research cell, using tools from complexity science, data science and artificial intelligence, etc. to investigate questions in diverse areas such as understanding and creating music, language and communication systems, sustainability, innovation dynamics and creativity.

R&D locations

Sony has R&D locations around the world to conduct technology research and development in environments closer to users while understanding their needs.


Sony Corporation R&D Center

  • Display / Visual Technology
  • System Architecture / Processing Technology
  • Audio / Acoustics Technology
  • AI / Machine Learning Technology
  • Human Machine Interface Technology
  • Wireless Communication Technology


Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

  • Global Agenda
    (Agriculture / Energy / Healthcare etc.)
  • Human Augmentation/Creativity
  • Cybernetic Intelligence
    (AI / Data Science)

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

US・San Jose

Sony Corporation of America
US Research Center

  • 3DCG Content Creation Technology
  • Biomedical Imaging Technology
  • Camera Signal Processing
  • Wireless Communication / Video Codec Technology
  • Sony Research Award Program


Sony (China) Limited
Sony China Research Laboratory

  • AI
  • Wireless Communication


Sony Europe B.V.
SES Technology Office

  • Wireless Communication Technology
  • Broadcast Technology


Sony Europe B.V.
Technology and Software Centre Europe

  • Affective Computing
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Fair, Accountable & Trustworthy AI
  • Blockchain


Sony Europe B.V.
European Technology Center

  • Computational Imaging
  • Perception Systems
  • RF Communications
  • AI, Speech & Sound


Sony Europe B.V.
Materials Science Laboratory

  • Materials Science
  • Service and Validation: Environmental Compliance; Failure Analysis


Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Paris office)

  • AI Assisted Music Creation
  • Language Evolution
  • Creativity

Sony Computer Science Laboratories
(Paris office)

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