What Sony Expects of Suppliers

Sony has the same expectations of its suppliers regardless of their location.

Working as an Equal Partner

Sony respects each supplier as an independent company working on an equal basis with Sony. Sony makes itself fully accessible to suppliers that can function as true partners by working together in building relationships based on mutual trust.

Complying with Laws, Regulations and Social Standards

Sony works to meet the expectations of customers by being a good corporate citizen that adheres to the laws, regulations and social standards of countries around the world. Because of this, Sony is uncompromising in its demand that all suppliers of parts and materials strictly comply with laws, regulations and social standards.

Maintaining Sound Financial and Operating Bases

Sony believes that procurement activities shall be conducted on a continuous basis. A sound financial base is essential for suppliers to provide an uninterrupted supply of parts and materials. Sony therefore asks suppliers to provide information on management policies and operations (including their financial statements).

Consideration for Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation is one of the central elements of Sony's management policy. Sony and its suppliers need to collaborate in managing parts and materials to reduce their impact on the environment.
When signing a deal, and regularly thereafter, suppliers are required to qualify as Green Partners through an audit based on the "Sony Green Partner Environmental Quality Approval Program."

Developing New Technology

Sony must constantly work on developing new technology to supply products that give customers a sense of excitement, joy and satisfaction. Suppliers that wish to become Sony partners must have the technological skills needed to create the new technology and parts that Sony requires. Partners are expected to be able to merge their own skills with those of Sony to create a unique technological capability that generates new values.

Utilizing E-Commerce

The relationship with suppliers involves the rapid exchange and sharing of large volumes of information to enable transactions to be performed efficiently and effectively. Sony employs e-commerce, through the Internet and other networks, for this purpose. Sony therefore requires all suppliers to be e-commerce ready.

Maintaining Required Quality Standards

The quality of parts and materials provided by suppliers has a significant effect on Sony products. Prior to signing a deal with a new supplier, and thereafter, Sony will conduct regular audits of the supplier's quality assurance programs.

Offering Competitive Prices

The price of parts and materials provided by suppliers has a major impact on the cost competitiveness of Sony products. Sony therefore expects its suppliers to offer items at highly competitive prices and make a concerted effort to constantly reduce cost.

Cooperating with Supply Chain Management and Maintaining Reliable Supply

Sony has a connection to its suppliers through the respective supply chain of each Sony product. Each supply chain must be capable of producing items in a timely, efficient and flexible manner to respond to the changes in customer demands. Sony therefore expects each supplier to be in close contact at all times and to supervise delivery dates enabling it to supply parts and materials in a highly flexible fashion.

Retaining a Continuous Competitive Edge.

Sony and its suppliers, through its products and operating activities, must be able to continuously generate value for the future that customers find appealing. Sony expects its suppliers to formulate a corporate philosophy and implement measures designed to create this value, based on the supplier's own management policy and the guidance outlined above.

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