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Materials Procurement

Basic Philosophy of Supply Chain Management

Sony manufactures its products in various areas of the world to meet expectations of customers all over the world. Its policy is to procure parts and materials for Sony products with "high quality, competitive prices, and a stable supply" from numerous suppliers worldwide. To achieve this Sony has the following policies.

Basic Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Procurement

  1. Sony's procurement policy stresses "fair business practice, transparency and equal opportunity" based on mutual trust and collaboration between Sony and its suppliers.
    • "Fair business practices" means conducting procurement activities in accordance with prescribed policies and procedures.
    • "Transparency" means avoiding any arbitrary actions.
    • "Equal opportunity" means providing all suppliers with a level playing field.
  2. Sony also emphasizes collaborative relationship with suppliers in such areas as strengthening technological competence, assuring and improving the quality of parts and maintaining competitive prices.
  3. To preserve the global environment and realize a sustainable society, Sony strives for environmental management together with suppliers by observing "Sony Group Environmental Vision."
  4. To fulfill its social responsibilities in compliance with laws, regulations and social standards, Sony abides by "Sony Supply Chain Code of Conduct" in collaboration with suppliers.

Basic Policy for Selecting Suppliers

Suppliers are required to have the following fundamentals to become a partner of Sony.
  • A sound financial base
  • Be compliant with laws, regulations and social standards
  • An operational environmental management program
  • Advanced technology needed to contribute to Sony products
In addition, Sony selects suppliers of the highest standard with the perspective of "stable and optimal eQCDS+E+T" (explained below). Crucially, companies must also demonstrate management policies and activities designed to realize future competitiveness, not just evidence of a past or current competitive edge. Based on these standard criteria, a decision will be made globally as the Sony Group.

What does "eQCDS+E+T" stand for?

  • "e": e-commerce ready
  • "Q": ability to continuously supply items that consistently meet quality standards
  • "C": ability to supply items that are cost competitive
  • "D": ability to deliver items on time and in the required quantities
  • "S": ability to meet expectations for providing a broad range of services
  • "E": Initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of items supplied to protect the global environment
  • "T": Superior device technology that contributes to creating stronger products

Compliance with "Sony Group Code of Conduct" in Business

In May 2003, Sony adopted the "Sony Group Code of Conduct," which sets forth the basic internal standards to be observed by all directors, officers and employees of the Sony Group in order to emphasize and further strengthen corporate governance, business ethics and compliance systems throughout the Sony Group.
The code includes basic policies concerning deals with suppliers such as "Fair Procurement" and "Gifts and Entertainment," with which all personnel in the Sony Group are required to comply.
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